You know you want the loyal friend,
Who’s faithful, true and bold.
The one whose worth’s beyond compare,
More valuable than gold.

The one who opens up his ears,
And listens to God’s call.
Who follows close behind his Lord,
And lifts you when you fall.

The one who’s gentle, honest, kind,
But stands for what is right.
Who’ll play a game, or sing a song,
But works with all his might.

Who sees the place where you are weak,
But shows you where you’re strong.
Who praises you when you’ve done right,
Corrects you when you’re wrong.

And though at times he’s like a star,
That you can’t always see,
You know that in your time of need,
Beside you he will be.

The one who spurs you on to God,
This type is rare but true.
And though you know YOU want this friend…
What kind of friend are you?