A Writer On The Road


A Writer On the Road 

Hi guys! Sorry I missed two weeks. I went with some of my family to visit my awesome cousins in the mountains above High Rolls New Mexico for a week and had an absolute blast! I got to drive many hours of the trip and did a fantastic job. (Don’t know why mom kept screaming…) ;P2017-05-12.png

I don’t know about you all, but I can’t go anywhere without keeping a high alert for story characters — a little girl following her daddy into a gas station, a teenage boy late for work at your lunch stop, an elderly lady who smiles at you above her crutch, a stern looking man in a business suit waiting for the light to turn green; they’re everywhere!

When we arrived on the Bagwell property we instantly knew it would be a week we will always remember. The weather was so perfect we promptly set out for hours of exploring the woods around our cousins’ property. The beautiful scenery made me itch to write something! And one of my cousins and I had tons of fun going through each other’s poems and stories!

On Tuesday we decided to eat our lunch in the woods and some of us crazier kiddos took the creek back to the house. We tried to keep our clothes dry and promptly gave up when we realized that it was a hopeless case. We got sopping wet and had way too much fun in the mud. (The pictures show the shallow part)

When it got dark we kiddos played ‘Cucaracha’ and I barely survived. Having to creep out into the dark and shadowy yard all the while not knowing where the “Cucaracha” is hiding just may be the scariest thing in the world. The fright given by one of your older cousins coming up behind you in the dark (when all your nerves are already strung as high as a tight rope) is tremendous! xD If you’ve never played that game, I can assure you, you’re missing out!2017-05-03-5.jpg

Wednesday, after playing in the creek again, we drove around Alamogordo a bit on our way to visit our other cousins, and mom brought the town to life with stories of 2017-05-03.jpggrowing up there! We got to look around the little school she attended and of course there was a trip to the library.<3

I actually didn’t get too much reading done there, but it sure was an extremely fun, memorable part of the trip. The little old-fashioned town was so story-like and the people gave me great story ideas!

That night we had Double-Decker Tacos and went swimming at Uncle Tony’s house with his kiddos. =) Then we drove back up the mountain and plunged into bed late to get sleep as fast as possible so we could begin all the fun again the next day.

On our last night there we played a fantastic game of ‘Five Dollars’ with our Uncle joining in the fun! (I didn’t even come in last place!) Dinner was eaten and when darkness fell we tumbled back outside to play what might be my favorite game of all time– “Kick The Can”. Round after round of ‘kicking the can’ and sneaking silently away to find the newest and best hiding spots made so many memories! After my youngest brother managed to kick the can he told me, “I felt like sayin, ‘Shout! For the LORD has given you the city!’ ” We all roared with laughter. ;P He’s quite the character! 


We stayed up till 2:00 in the morning playing ‘Canasta’ and laughing our heads completely off. Of course we had leftover chocolate cupcakes for a midnight snack. What a great way to end a great trip! 😉 I tucked the many memories and story prompts I’d gathered into my duffle bag packed them carefully in the car to use for later. And of course, I borrowed a WWII book for the drive home.

We had oodles of fun with our extended family, 2017-05-05.jpgbut I also loved getting back to all my people back in AZ, and of course the rest of my family who I’d missed so badly!

Even when it’s rough, I feel like I’m finding out that life gets better and better all the time. I’m learning not to take for granted the small moments because when I look back I usually realize they were the ones that mattered most. And even when things get sticky I try to remember that someday, I’ll most likely look back with a laugh or at the very least….a grin.

Happy living! ❤


P.S. My brother started a blog while I was gone!! Maybe you’d like to check it out!! Office62blog.wordpress.com


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