upside-down: a poem

hey all =)
i’ve got to see life from more perspectives this past year than i have in my whole life before that. it’s been really interesting to learn new things about people and life and see things differently. here’s a poem i wrote a little while ago from something that was impressed upon me by circumstances. it was definitely a turning point in my life. i hope it gets across the lesson i’m learning. let me know what you think 🙂

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 there’s something that none of us realize,
something that people deny.
something that they brush away as not true
until it’s too late to ask why.
 to know a friend is to know ugly,
to love human is to love mess.
to be vulnerable is to make bare your soul,
to accept is to claim brokenness.
 nothing lasting in marriage is pleasant,
no friendship that’s real is dance.
to open up is to show hideous scars,
to give is to take a great chance.
 and so just admit – it’s not pretty.
accept it so that maybe then,
after knowing that life is disfigured,
we can see truth all over again.
 for now despite all of man’s failures,
God’s faithful to us everyday.
and if we look closely and listen,
we’ll see Him work along the way.
 for instead of looking for moments
that make us feel happy inside,
slowly we step back and realize
what counts is the times we were tried.
 how faithfully throughout each trial
God turns the heat up more and more,
the fire burns higher and hotter with time,
and He does it over and over.
 and you well know why He does it.
when we’re heated up He can mold
us into something much better than this,
for then we’ll be as pure as gold.
 and this is the thing we must realize
as the journey of life we all trod,
there’s nothing that could ever matter,
more than the plan of our God.

 oh yes, there is one secret i’ll tell you,
now that you’ve learned lesson one:
because of Him, life is full of wonder,
and with our stories He’s not done.
 to know and be known is just priceless.
to stay is to make stories last,
to give when it hurts and stick out till the end,
is to leave a ‘worth telling’ past.
 to know a friend is to know precious,
to love human is to love dear.
to be vulnerable is to truly be known,
to accept is to quiet their fear.
 nothing lasting in marriage is awful,
no friendship that’s real is a loss.
to open up is to show who we are,
to give is to look to the cross.
 so maybe we’re seeing it all upside-down,
maybe the story is good.
maybe the battle’s what makes us know peace,
maybe it goes as it should.
 i’d like to say that not though life is hard,
but because of the work and the strife,
because of the hardship we see all the good.
we learn – it’s a beautiful life.

     -the poet under the sidewalk-

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praise Him for the sense He makes out of the chaos. praise Him for the story He’s writing.<3 how grateful i am to be one of His characters.

keep believing,


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