Forgiven by The Conqueror

The room was cold and empty,
Though we all were there.
I didn’t see those ‘round me,
As I stared into the air.

All was still, the silence screamed,
My soul could feel the prick.
The reason for life, had been lost,
The darkness was so thick.

I had denied my Savior,
I had not kept His name.
I’d given into fear and now,
I’d never be the same.

In my mind I heard the crow,
The rooster called aloud.
My Maker’s eyes found mine,
As I watched Him from the crowd.

My heart ripped out in anguish.
The pain went to my bone.
For His eyes held love – forgiveness.
My soul let out a moan.

At night I wept with bitter tears,
Through day, thoughts filled my mind:
Fears, cruel doubts, and unbelief,
True peace I could not find.

Matthew slipped his arm around me,
Both of our hearts was smote,
We were all in deep despair,
Words couldn’t pass his throat.

James sat down and bit his lip,
Nathaniel wiped his eyes.
Philip stared and watched the wall,
John bowed his head and cried.

All hope was gone, our LORD was dead
Was all our faith in vain?
Had we been fooled? Was He not God?
We couldn’t bare the pain.

I tried to push the thoughts away,
I tried to close my ears,
The thoughts of all that I had done,
Came back with all my fears.

I turned around and faced the wall,
From my past, I could not hide.
The Redeemer of my sinful life,
Had bowed His head, and died.

But suddenly I knew something
Was different – drastically.
It was as if my eyes were opened up,
And I could see.

The whole room felt so different,
To my feet I slowly rose.
The sound was full and glorious,
I knew my LORD was close!

I slowly turned, not daring to
Believe what must be true.
But there He stood, my Jesus Christ,
He said, “Peace be with you!”

My face crumpled into tears,
I rushed towards His side.
I threw myself down at His feet,
I clung to him and cried.

He took my hand and raised me up,
Through His eyes I could see.
Love, forgiveness, peace and hope,
All passed from Him to me.

Suddenly it all made sense,
He had not died in vain!
His blood had paid for all my sin,
Soon He alone would reign!

He had overcome the foe,
He had won the day.
He had crushed the serpent’s head,
He’d conquered through the fray!

The victorious King, before me stood,
His hand held onto mine.
The Creator of the earth and sky,
His joy made me to shine!

Forgiven, redeemed, and chosen.
Bought by the blood of the Lamb,
My life is once again transformed
His servant forever I am!

He ascended back to heaven,
But He’s not left us on our own!
He’s with every moment and,
We’re here to make Him known.

I work and wait with joy, the day
When He will call for me.
I dearly long to be with Him,
The One who’s set me free!