(behind “the poet under the sidewalk”)
hey guys =)
Believe it or not, i actually am still alive. it was pretty close there for a while but i pulled through. just kidding, that was only a concussion. and of course, that only put me out of commission for about a week….give account for the other 4 weeks? um….well, it’s been insanely crazy, but hey, that’s life i guess!
i decided not to give up my attic corner but did make some pretty fun changes to it. as life gets busier and busier i realize i don’t actually have time to write and only write, so i’ve decided to let my attic evolve with me. lots more poems and lots more life. =)


For those of you who are wondering, the poet under the sidewalk, is an idea that came to me one day…..”dare i say it?” …during church. x) sitting next to my family, surrounded with so many souls in one place, i (as usual) began imagining the back story to many people’s days. why they came dressed like they did, if their smiles were easy or forced, what kept them up late the night before, what they thought of the person sitting in front of them…and on and on. i was trying to think of things to say to throw rainbows into individual’s days as soon as we were dismissed….when for some reason i realized what i was doing. i reached down and grabbed my church notebook and pencil and scribbled out this verse:



-the poet under the sidewalk-

as your footprints walk above me
i read the stories there.
things you drop because you’re weighed
with worry, load and care

the name seamed to stick and i’ve signed my poems like that ever since then.

so much has happened recently, my life seems so very different from what it was only last year. so much change. i’ll be honest, these past few months have been the hardest of my life. feeling, sometimes, like i really was ‘under the sidewalk’ of life was not uncommon. it was like i was seeing everything, yet wasn’t a part of it.
but as the night began to end with the sun rising, i grew to realize that as i looked “up” at everyone, reading their stories, watching their lives, i couldn’t see them without instantly seeing the sun above them. seeing hope. seeing Him. and with a gift so precious and dear in my hands, how can i help but try, in some small way, to share it with others?
so, that’s my ‘life goal’ i guess… to point other’s faces up to the sky too, to show them there’s more. to show them there’s hope.

love us too

 i pulled back the curtain and there You were,
twisting the wind through the leaves in the street,
and pulling the clouds into sizes and shapes.
the rainbow bowed down ‘neith Your finger,
the sunshine You carried spilled onto the window pane.
the birds sang notes to Your music,
and the church bells joined into the song.
the smell of Your rain overtook me,

as i pushed aside the glass and took in the world.
it tasted like deep memories and yesterdays sorrow,
hard to take, impossible to leave.
the farther i reached out the window,
the more of Your footprints i found.
Your touch, Your voice, and Your presence–
the beauty, the wonder, the absolute life….

 i tried to tell what i was missing
as i sat staring out at the street.
the rain clouds began to roll in – deeper, stronger.
what am i missing? i asked glancing once again at the crack of sun.
then out of the yawn of the morning it came.
so simple. yet so very deep.

a child laughed.

and there it was.
Your heart — Your people. us. we.
nestled in Your hand, we were what You chose to love the most.

more than sunsets or mountains or waves.
You loved the human. the man. the person. the girl.
and i knew — i needed to love us too.

i hope you all enjoy the changes and i look forward to continuing to share snapshots of my writings, and life, here with you all.

much love,


17 thoughts on “changes

  1. Hey Maggie! (Callie here from NN) ((This comment is way past due)) Wow…your poetry is so beautiful and descriptive, of many things– human struggles; God’s love; the things which truly matter in life…… Thank you so much for writing!! I am always so encouraged by reading what you pen!
    Also– I’ve had two concussions– one when I was 16 which was pretty scary and painful, and one earlier this year which took me back not as many steps as the 1st one, but enough to set me back some. I just wanted to encourage you by saying this: you are not alone! (I know you already know this 😀 ) I remember during concussion #1 recoup that I often felt like that– watching everybody else’s lives but feeling so isolated from it…like I was all by myself. But that’s sooo true (what you said)– as I watched, I got to know God so much more closely than I ever had before. I guess it was a blessing in disguise.
    So I guess what I am trying to say is this– you’re doing a great job writing (I FINALLY got a copy for Christmas of The Star Under The City and have read it over 3 times since then and LOVE it) and I know that God is writing out your story of life in ways we cannot comprehend as mere humans…it’s unfathomable. Anyway. Praying for you and keep writing!! ❤ ❤ (And The Poet Under The Sidewalk looks fantastic! 🙂 )
    "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." ~ Jeremiah 29:11

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    1. wow Callie. thank you so very much for your real encouragement. i’m so thankful you’ve been blessed by the things i’ve written. thanks for reaching out ♥️♥️love that verse!

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