The Story Behind the Story

The day came when the sons of men,
All stood before the Lord.
And Satan came among them,
To accuse the rich and poor.

Even as he stepped before,
The God who’s right and true,
He trembled as he tried to say,
just what he wanted to.

The King looked down upon this one,
Who terrorized the land.
The anger in His holy eyes,
Made Saran lose his stand.

But it was not the time to judge,
This evil doer yet.
God gave this time to bring Himself,
The ones who will repent.

God’s voice boomed out across the room,
“My servant Job you’ve seen,
How there is none like him on earth,
So blameless, true, and clean.”

Satan’s voice was bitter filled,
As he gave his reply,
“On-ly cuz You’ve protected him,
On You he does rely.”

“But if You were to take away,
The blessings from this man, He would curse You to Your face,
And mourn throughout the land.”

God raised His head as He replied,
“To him, I’ve given much.
You may take it all away,
Himself you may not touch.”

So Satan left and came to Job,
To see if it was true,
That Job would then profane God’s name,
As Satan said he’d do.

He killed the cattle of Job’s land,
Then he killed his children.
He took away Job’s livelihood,
And watched him stand and listen.

But now you must remember this,
As Job hears all the news.
One thing he does not realize,
Is, his life is being used.

As servants run and tell Job,
That it’s gone from bad to worse,
He’s, unknowingly on centerstage,
Of all the universe!

The angels watch with bated breath.
The demon’s watch with woe.
Satan watched in fear because,
The outcome God did know.

Then Job arose and tore his robe,
The wicked laughed in glee.
But then they all were silenced as,
Job fell upon his knee.

He raised his eyes above and said,
“The Lord gives and takes away,
But blessed is His holy name,
And this again I’ll say.”

But Satan would not give up hope.
He could not bear to lose.
Again he came before the Lord.
The same question he’d choose.

“Skin for skin” is what he said,
“What won’t man give for life?
But stretch Your hand upon himself…
To curse he won’t think twice.”

God looked beyond the wicked one,
And answered quietly,
“I give you the permission,
But his life you there must leave.”

So Satan struck Job’s body,
With boils painful sore,
And it was then when Job cursed –
The day that he was born.

But Satan wanted Him to cures,
The God who gave him life.
And so he waited longer and,
He used Job’s own dear wife.

“Curse God so that you then may die!”
She told him day by day.
But Job, he would not listen,
He would look to God and pray.

It’s true that he moaned and complained,
As his burning skin did cry.
But never did he curse his Lord,
As many days flew by.

His four friends came and tried to help,
But misread God instead.
Until Job could not bear it all,
And wished that he were dead.

He justified himself because,
He did not understand.
He thought, “do I deserve this?
I serve God through the land.”

Eventually he cried to God,
Instead of to himself.
He said, “Have you forgotten me?
It feels like you have left!”

But then one day God answered Job,
His voice came through the air.
He said, “Who is like me on earth,
When I made it, who was there?”

“Who tells the dragons to be still,
And tells the storm to cease?
Who holds the lightning in His hand,
And governs earth and seas?”

“Who made the desert and the snow,
The sand upon the shore?
Who made the living creatures,
And so much, so much more!”

“Who made the moon and set its course,
Placing earth upon a string?
Who told the planets where to go,
And taught the stars to sing?”

“Where were you Job when all these things,
Were made by my own hand?
Answer me, man, if  you can,
And tell me what I’ve planned”

But Job was silenced then and there,
He had naught to say.
For when God shows us who He is,
We know no other way.

“I am vile!” he replied,
When he again could speak.
“I know again Your mighty works,
And all Your ways are deep!”

“Grant me mercy God on high,
For now I know You’re right!
None can thwart Your Sovereign plan,
For You alone are might!”

God granted to Job mercy and,
To him he then did add.
He gave him children once again,
And doubled all he’d had.

“If only I had known!” Thought Job,
As he looked upon his land,
The blessings that had been restored,
By God’s almighty hand.

And so remember, that like Job,
When we can’t see God’s plan,
We know that He is always right,
And wiser far than man.

And though we do not always like,
The methods He will use,
We know that when we’re on God’s side,
To Satan we can’t lose.