The Rainbow in the Teardrop

Although we may not understand
God’s way is always best
We can place our hope in Him
And trust Him for the rest.

When gold is taken and refined
It’s burned over and or’
But then after much heat and pain
It comes out so much more.

And like in winter all we see
Is the thorn bush, cruel and tall
When spring arrives and roses bloom
It’s lovelier than all.

We know that when the storm winds blow
And shake us to our core
God is the refuge lighthouse
That will lead us to the shore.

Like the gold, the rose, and ship
We are taken, we are tried
But when after much hardship’s done
We’ll come out glorified.

So we can always trust in Him
no matter what life may bring
It’s only when we have the rain
That all the rainbows sing.