Wait, it’s over??

I’m serious. NaNo went by socrazyfast this time!   *taps mic* “”And attention everybody!!! It has been done!!! A document now exists that contains 57,106 words!! A brand new mass of the inside of the heart and mind of Maggie Joy on paper!!!!!!” *crickets chirping*  *covers mic & glances backstage* “”Ahem. Maggie, that sounds terrifying! Who’s gonna wanna read that?”” … More Wait, it’s over??


Yahoo!! We’ve made it to just over halfway through the month! Life is crazy but we’re somehow managing to keep up with writing. 🙂 I’m finding I definitely write best at night, so that’s usually when I catch back up. Oh! I’m excited to say that my characters are taking over the story more and … More Halfway!!

Ready, set, GO!

And I know this is a week late but as you know, NaNo is up and running! The Wrimos are working hard sprinting away! 😉  Our region of 958 novelists has already written 7,390,001 words!! WOW! We’re at day 11 and….Mal already hit 50,000 words. =O For those of you who are wondering if they’re … More Ready, set, GO!