Cover Reveal!!

After the many months of brainstorming, writing, editing, and formatting, I am thrilled to finally announce the cover to….The Star Under the City!!!!!! For those of you who don’t know, The Star Under the City is a novel which follows the courageous story of a Resistance group in Luxembourg during WWII through the eyes of … More Cover Reveal!!


  So….I keep hearing that everyone is supposed to hate editing. I must have missed the boat or something. Yeah, I’ll admit, it can be super slow…………….but for some reason, as long as I know what to do, I enjoy it! I’m sure one of the reasons I still like it is because of the amazing … More Editing!

I Did NaNoWriMo!

As you may already know, last year I heard about the National Novel Writing Month, and at the last minute I decided to participate. The infectious excitement spilling from Anna and Paul Willis compelled me to try it out and I am so glad I did! With only three days before November 1st we even … More I Did NaNoWriMo!

Blue Sky Tag!

  I was tagged by Paul Willis @ Project Blank Page! Thanks Paul! Here’s the rules for the “Blue Sky Tag” Thank the person who tagged you Answer their 11 questions Tag 11 people Give them 11 questions to answer Alrighty! Here I go! =)   Why did you start writing?   Well, I’ve been … More Blue Sky Tag!