Children of the Angels

“Pulling Sil after me, I hurried us through the back door of the small house. As the door closed behind the three of us I heard it lock and threw a glance down the street. Horror filled my being as I spotted an armored government vehicle screeching around the corner headed in our direction.”
-Children of the Angels Pg. 95
More Children of the Angels

a poem

the rain always affects me. when im burying myself in work, not taking any time to think, avoiding anything that resembles something thoughtful…. and then it rains. somehow it forces me to stop. to remember. to think through. to cry. to accept. to keep walking with my head held a little higher. or the times … More a poem


i think it’s easy for us, as humans, to hold onto the hard. the hurt. the pain. it’s easy to be swallowed up by it and to see nothing but the tears in our own eyes and the eyes of others. i’m challenging myself to look for the good moments that God gives us, and … More today