The Eclipse Tag

hey guys 🙂 good-morning, good-evening, good-night, good-1-am. idk what time you’ll read this but hopefully you’re having a good-old-fashioned beautiful day. Liberty @ goneinadream has tagged me for the eclipse tag. you can check out her post here 🙂 Liberty’s questions were: Why did you start a blog? well, i started my blog My Attic Corner right … More The Eclipse Tag

upside-down: a poem

hey all =) i’ve got to see life from more perspectives this past year than i have in my whole life before that. it’s been really interesting to learn new things about people and life and see things differently. here’s a poem i wrote a little while ago from something that was impressed upon me … More upside-down: a poem

a peek into a human

hey all 🙂 I’m excited to say we have a special new thing starting today. After talking about it practically since i started this blog, Anna and i have finally decided to actually have her as a guest author here and i’m super thrilled about it. Anna is a kindred spirit and a beautiful soul. … More a peek into a human


(behind “the poet under the sidewalk”) hey guys =) Believe it or not, i actually am still alive. it was pretty close there for a while but i pulled through. just kidding, that was only a concussion. and of course, that only put me out of commission for about a week….give account for the other … More changes