let’s remember

i used to think that the world was a beautiful place. when reality hit my little 17 year old self, i was devastated. what happened? what happened to “it’s a beautiful life”? what went wrong? was satan suddenly winning? what was going on? i thought: i had a lot of thinking to do. and this … More let’s remember

T.A.T. blog tour!!

hey guys 🙂 we’ve got an interview today!! join me in welcoming none other than Malachi Cyr, Mission HQ Commander and author of the new release Through All Things!! Hello Malachi! It’s good to have you here! Great to be here! I’m excited to be a part of the blog tour for your newest novel, Through … More T.A.T. blog tour!!

some stuff

hey guys 😀 i’ve been locked in a deep dark dungeon drinking diluted dragon dumplings during december’s dismal days. my one consolation was that one of our windows makes rainbows on the carpet. oh, i think the december thing gave away that that’s not quite true. also not really any of that is true. exactly. except for … More some stuff

The Eclipse Tag

hey guys 🙂 good-morning, good-evening, good-night, good-1-am. idk what time you’ll read this but hopefully you’re having a good-old-fashioned beautiful day. Liberty @ goneinadream has tagged me for the eclipse tag. you can check out her post here 🙂 Liberty’s questions were: Why did you start a blog? well, i started my blog My Attic Corner right … More The Eclipse Tag