The Story Behind The Story

This was an incredibly enjoyable one to write! It was actually at a time when a few people I care very much about were going through some very difficult things. I’ve always loved the story of Job (especially the end) 😉 and so when I finished this poem I could hardly wait to show my family! I think it’s just so cool that God gives us the behind the scenes sometimes! There sure isn’t any back story as dramatic as this one!!



This one was super fun. Especially because like so many times with my writing, I had no idea about the point of the poem till after it was done ;P  I was writing along thinking of all the many blessings a friend can be and the last line fell into place and I was like, “Oh, neat! That’s cool!” Anyway! Maybe this poem will make you think of that special friend you have and remind you not to take them for granted. And also encourage you to be a good friend back. =)


The Rainbow In The Teardrop 

This one’s really special to me. I actually wrote it right after our family went through a very difficult time. Our mom had a miscarriage, and it was very hard on us all. But during that time we all grew in our faith so much and felt the presence of God so strongly! His love was shown so generously to us through His people. As we look back, it is wonderful to see what God was doing! It is so good to remember that He always has a plan.


Forgiven by the Conqueror 

The most important act in the history of the world was when Jesus Christ gave His life to save our souls and three days later rose from the dead to reign forever! Praise His holy name!!! Here is a poem from Peter’s perspective that I hope will remind each of us the amazing gift we have in the redemption that comes through Christ! ❤


The Freedom in Surrender 

This is something I’ve debated sharing with you for almost a year now.
Maybe you’ll relate with it – maybe you won’t. But I hope you understand it, and that you understand how desperately important it is for Christ to be first in life. No matter what the alternative may be, it must be surrendered to Him. ❤ Stay surrendered. He is always good.