Short Stories

These are some of my short stories! A friend at our church started a blog for aspiring writers to share their work, and I wrote these for my page there. Enjoy!

The Napkin

This one is actually a true story. (Aren’t those fun?!) My friend is the “girl with two braids”. She slipped the napkin to someone that needed it and then wished she hadn’t because the boy made no reaction. I listened to her story, asked a few more questions (as nonchalantly as I could), and wrote  this story for her the next day. She enjoyed it, and I hope you will to! Check out the Pinterest board!


An Original Christmas

I just love Christmas stories! Don’t you? This one was written for a small contest and actually won first place! It was a lot of fun to write (even though I had to use far and distant memories of snow since I live in sunny AZ). 😉 I enjoyed writing the fun relationships and the dreamy setting it takes place in. Hope you like it! Check out the Pinterest board!


The Smallest Elf

I love children. I just knew a short story like this was coming soon. The main point isn’t a fast paced plot or swooping setting, but just to remind us of the treasure a child’s heart really is. And the truth that when they give you a gift -no matter how small- what they are really giving you is their heart. Maybe this story will cross your mind the next time a little one gives you something like a dried up flower bud or even a snowball. =) Check out the Pinterest board!


The Shilling

I really enjoyed writing this one! It was inspired by one picture of an old fashioned street child looking closely at a large coin. The cool thing though is what IT inspired – the dream for a full length book!
Samy is only a side character in that one (which I hope to write fully someday). I’m really excited and already adore the characters! Can you guess who the main character in the novel is? You just barely hear about them in this short story. And to give you a feel for the story here’s the Pinterest board!


Keep Walking

I’m sure most of us can relate with Lynn in this story. Having to give things up can be hard! But God’s plan for us is always the best plan! He’s the one who already wrote our lives out! If we already have a story, why don’t we just have faith in Him and enjoy the ride!? His ways are always the best! Enjoy the story! The slightly old fashioned setting was fun to work with! Here is the little Pinterest board.


A German

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This story goes with my novel. I took one of the scenes and looked at it through the eyes of a minor character. Although it will be most meaningful for those of you who have read The Star Under The City, people who haven’t read the novel have enjoyed this story as well.

“A German” is also available in ebook on Amazon and many places through my Pronoun page! I’ve already had over a 130 downloads and hope that many more readers will enjoy this WWII short story in the future! Enjoy the Pinterest board! ❤


The Sun Will Rise

I came back from our family vacation full to the brim with a new story that I really wanted to write down. Our relatives we were visiting had found a mysterious photo in their new house. It was a Christmas picture of a solemn couple holding a jolly, laughing baby. Immediately we started coming up with possible stories, explanations, theories. Slowly I began to piece together what I thought their story could have been like.

Noble Novels hosted a contest for it’s 5th anniversary and I had fun entering this story. The requirements were to include a train on a snowy mountain and the quote, “Broken crayons still color”. Here’s the story board! I hope you enjoy the story. 🙂