Hey guys! I’m Maggie, a home-schooled girl with a large imagination and a love to write.

83090046-2a76-4029-a1dc-8268627d1a18Most importantly I’m a child of the King of kings, Whom I long to glorify always. I love books, stars, rainstorms, mud fights, ice-cream, WWII stories, Christmas, and people. I loves to write, go camping, sing, and be with friends. Arizona living is beautiful to me, because of the souls here. I love spending living life with my family of 9 and the friends God has given me. I couldn’t be more thankful for my wonderful life and the ones in it.

Why I write: 
Firstly, to Glorify God– the Creator of words and inspiration!
Secondly, to capture the special beauty, joy, tears, stories, and moments of life.
Thirdly, to convey a message or share a moment.

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