The Freedom in Surrender

The Lord had given me a gift,
Precious, dear, and good.
But young and foolish as I was,
I didn’t seek HIM as I should.

Caught up in all the wonder,
I didn’t turn to see
The Giver of the thing I held,
As He looked down at me.

“My child,” He said, “The thing I gave
Was not to take My place.
I must still be your heart’s first love,
So come, and seek My face.”

My ear was not tuned towards Him,
I didn’t hear the call.
The gift became too much to me,
And I began to fall.

God showed me, “Child, give it up.
Surrender back to Me.
The good gift that I gave you
You’ve made more than it should be.”

Though I was stubborn ‘gainst His will,
The Lord began to work.
I couldn’t see the good in it,
And knew that it would hurt.

He reached to take the gift away,
I clung tightly to it still.
My heart had grown around it
Instead of Him, until–

Just like that – it was removed.
My life has changed again.
I closed my eyes and shook my head,
How foolish I had been.

I then looked down upon my hands,
The blood was hot and red.
Deep scars now etched into my skin.
I felt like I was dead.

I sat in pain, the silence screamed.
My heart felt ripped and bruised.
My eyes now burned with unshed tears,
Though to weep I’d not refused.

Did He sit back and laugh then,
As I got what I deserved?
No. He’s a loving Father,
And my life He then preserved.

A soft breeze flitted gently by,
The contrast there was sharp.
I turned my eyes back to the sky,
And gave to God my heart.

I knew that He deserved much more.
I had nothing good to give,
And so I gave Him everything.
For Him alone I’d live.

God took the broken mangled bits,
And slowly He did then
Make for me a miracle;
A chance to start again.

Now to His hand I tightly hold,
Between us nothing stays.
He healed my scars by His own blood,
To Him I give all praise.

On the path, again I’ll trod,
I’ll follow Him so near.
I am ashamed it took this fall
To make the choices clear.

But God is in the business of
Making the old things new.
I seek Who’s made me radiant,
And trust in all I do.

My life is now so full of joy,
Learning to trust the Lord.
Through the hard times in my life,
His grace on me is poured.

He’s straightening out the rough parts
In my life, and He’s not done
The crooked places falling straight,
As He takes number one.

He’s placed before me once again
The treasure, dear it’s true,
But now I hold in open hands,
Just as He wants me to.

I will not soon forget the lessons
Learned in yesteryear.
As I love the gift He’s given,
His voice -I’ll always hear.