some stuff

hey guys 😀
i’ve been locked in a deep dark dungeon drinking diluted dragon dumplings during december’s dismal days. my one consolation was that one of our windows makes rainbows on the carpet.3264e7e3-7575-4b24-af4e-7448eccbedc8-e1529723436309.jpg

oh, i think the december thing gave away that that’s not quite true.
also not really any of that is true. exactly. except for the window rainbows — which is super awesome.
i was just trying to come up with a reason that i haven’t been blogging that was more interesting than the fact that the Dr. said i wasn’t suppose to have screen time…
maybe “Dr.” got me on the “D” theme. i really don’t know. proof that i have been quite alive…

so i’m gonna move on now that you all know i am still more or less here. 😀

but i have some super awesome news! the AFHE Homeschool Convention is coming up pretty quickly and just like last year, i’ll be participating along with

Mal @ brainstorms with rain
Tanner @ tales from tanner
Anna @ a storynerd’s life
Paul @ project blank page
Kate @ once upon an ordinary
Julia @ reform stead

and a few others at a booth in the Young Entrepreneurs section! we’re all members of Generation Rising*salutes*

our banner

we’re all as thrilled as can be expected 🙂 last year was awesome.

I decided to use this opportunity to do another quick edit on The Star Under the City and am soo happy with the results. a few subtle things may have added themselves to one of the characters that are absolutely killing me with perfect happiness.

anyway! i forgot where i was going with this post so hello! and we’re looking forward to the convention! 😀

find something beautiful before you go to sleep tonight. ❤


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