The Eclipse Tag

hey guys 🙂
good-morning, good-evening, good-night, good-1-am. idk what time you’ll read this but hopefully you’re having a good-old-fashioned beautiful day.

Liberty @ goneinadream has tagged me for the eclipse tag. you can check out her post here 🙂eclipse-tag1

Liberty’s questions were:

  • Why did you start a blog?
    well, i started my blog My Attic Corner right when i was in the end stages of publishing my debut novel, The Star Under the City and it helped to get the word out about that. 🙂

    i kinda re-started my blog recently, calling it The Poet Under the Sidewalk.
    now, it’s more of a place for stories (real life and real soul), poems, ideas, thoughts, and hope.
  • What do you think of coffee?
    LOL you’re practically begging me to talk about my dad x) coffee’s pretty much what makes it humanly possible for him to work the hours he’s working right now :/ i do hope it evens out soon.
  • What do you think of dark chocolate (dark guys. Dark)?
    dark chocolate? i don’t think about it all that much. OH i think it’s a good thing to get Malachi for Christmas or his birthday. ;P
    and that’s pretty much it :]

thanks Lib! you’re doing a great job with your blog 🙂

my questions are…

  1. thinking back five years, do you believe Life is better or worse than you thought it was in 2013 ?
  2. i know you’re probably young but which year would you say was the best year of your life so far? and why?
  3. what’s the most memorable thing someone has said to you recently?

all right! i tag Mal @ brainstormswithrain and anyone else who happens to accidentally trip on the end of this post giving me time to tag them as well 🙂

rules someone made up:
-Thank the person who nominated you for this tag and link to their blog.
-List the rules so the next nominees will know them. (This can be at the beginning or end of your post.)
-Include the ‘Eclipse’ image somewhere in your post.
-Answer the 3 questions, and ask 3 questions for the people you tag to answer.
-Nominate 3 people, and make sure they find out that they have been nominated.

remember to watch the next sunset guys and remember,
you are loved.


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