Wait, it’s over??

I’m serious. NaNo went by socrazyfast this time!


*taps mic*
“”And attention everybody!!! It has been done!!! A document now exists that contains 57,106 words!! A brand new mass of the inside of the heart and mind of Maggie Joy on paper!!!!!!”

*crickets chirping* 

*covers mic & glances backstage*
“”Ahem. Maggie, that sounds terrifying! Who’s gonna wanna read that?””

*whispers back*
“”I don’t know! They say you write when the story inside you needs to breath on it’s own so don’t try blaming me.””
*continues to eat ice cream* 

*turns back to mic*
“”Eh heh… well as I was saying!! Those of you who are brave of heart and soul may want to read it some time!! And…….that’s all. Thank you! Good night fellow people of stays-up-too-late-ville. See you tomorrow. “”
*drops mic* (and not in a “mic drop” sort of way)

*finds Maggie asleep with her head lighter, and her heart bigger than before the words were written.*

*sniffs the air and nods* — Maggie is dreaming again.

*gathers the dream like stardust and lays it out on the floor* — and this is what is says:

I have hated the wordsand I have loved the them and I hope I have made them right. (1)
Oh, and as always, keep dreaming.
P.S. For those of you who are curious, yes, it has been confirmed: the NaNo monster ate my brain. Thank you.

34 thoughts on “Wait, it’s over??

  1. lol Midge!
    For you non-Wrimos, this is an exact expression of how one feels directly after writing 50K in 30 days, the only difference being that the ice cream is long gone by that event, and there are people to cheer when you finish (usually other writers who have felt your pain.)

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  2. LOL Great post, Maggie!! Totally too true! Can’t wait to read this “brand new mass of the inside of the heart and mind of Maggie Joy on paper”! ❤

    P.S. Love that quote. ❤ ❤

    Liked by 3 people

      1. YES!!! Emily was a dear to make meeting for write-ins work out!! We should totally do that again soon, NaNo or no NaNo! 😉
        Aw thanks! You guys helped me sooo much- I could not have done it without all your encouragement!!

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  3. Oh Maggie! So excited to see the published edition!

    Thanks for pushing me to write! *grins*

    Y’all were such a help on this adventure! *shoutout to November NaNos* 🙂

    Hope to see y’all next year!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks a bunch, Sarah!! lol “peaceful December debriefing”… that’s funny. xD
      jk… 😉 I decided to read through the whole Bible this month which has been super amazing! (I’m listening to it when I get behind but my goal is to read as much as possible!) I’m curious to see what this month holds. 🙂 Life has been completely unpredictable which is just another reason I’m SO glad that God never changes. ❤

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Oooh a peaceful December debriefing sounds lovely!!!

        Way to go, Jo dear! Reading through the whole Bible this month is a brilliant goal! The more we are in The Word and praying, the more we remember that God is in control. And that we can rejoice that knowledge. ❤

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