A Tour of My Bookshelf!

Every reader has “their” little nook, right? Mine usually tends to be near my bookshelf. 😉

My bookshelf is upstairs in my room which is perfect since I have a good reading light and a cozy, warm blanket for reading. I’d been using the ladder to my bunkbed as a bookshelf for the longest time but soon outgrew it and had stacks of books everywhere! On my desk, on my bed, under my bed, in book bags and backpacks everywhere!2017-02-21.jpg

A little while ago one of our neighbors was giving away a bookshelf so I adopted it.  Even though I didn’t like it right away, my family did, and I’ve grown to! And it’s been great! It needed a little fixing up, and I planned to repaint it but quickly found I’ll need a full size very soon (due to my ever increasing number of books) so might as well wait. 😉 2017-03-07.jpg

The top shelf holds books I’m in the middle of reading along with my Bible, journal, planner, and a pen cup.2017-03-03.jpg

I’m reading Radiant right now and absolutely love it. It’s about fifty remarkable woman in Church History. It’s extremely inspiring!2017-03-03-4.jpg

There’s also the Chuck Black series here that didn’t look good anywhere else! ;P I really like allegories so these are favorites!

The second shelf holds the beautiful heart-melting books! Most of them are old or reprints of old books.2017-03-03-1.jpg

One of my top favorites on this shelf has got to be The Lamplighter. Favorite characters here are Uncle True and Willie. The way they are both so wise and faithful is beautiful. A Lost Pearle. It’s got a great story line! 2017-03-03-5.jpg

The third shelf is a mix and match of all different kinds of books!2017-03-03-2.jpg

The dearest is The Book Thief  (edited for language). Max is my favorite character EVER in any book ever written. So there. ❤


The bottom shelf is all the ‘children’ books (Shhhh!) that I still can’t bear to part with! 😉 Most of these earned a spot on my shelf because of the great memories they bring back when I read them.2017-03-03-3.jpg

The best-loved books on this shelfs would have to be the two by Gloria Whelan, Angel On The Square and Listening For Lions. I love her writing style! It’s sweet and dreamy. I also really enjoy Johnny Tremain!


A LOT of these are re-reads! (Of course, aren’t all good books?!)

I love all my books in different ways. I’ve related with so many of the characters at different times in my life. I’ve been Natalie, Kevin, Zoe, Kim, Johnny, Sarah, Anne and so many others! That’s one of the wonders of books. The stories are all different but the characters are so real!

Comment with YOUR favorite books and characters!
Happy reading!


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