Walkin’ In A Reader’s Wonderland!

For me, writing and reading go hand in hand. I read to know how to write. I write so that I can then appreciate reading other people’s wonderful writing even more! I love both and I can never chose which I like better! But reading is most definitely one of the top things I do when not writing!!


Recently I hitched a ride with some friends (who were so sweet to let me tag along) to the  61st Annual VNSA Used Book Sale! Book sales must always be spectacular because BOOKS are, right? But it was even MORE amazing than I could have imagined!  We went in the evening of the first day so it wasn’t too crowded with competitors, but we still met some really cool “book” people.


When we first arrived I admit I was a bit overwhelmed by the mass amount of books (what better problem to have?), but after a friend found a favorite book I soon created a rhythm and books began jumping into my arms! The selections were a.m.a.z.i.n.g. They had everything! I spent the most time in the “Treasures” (old books ❤ ), “History” (meaning WWII ;P ), and the “Classics”.


It was super fun to meet other book lovers and swap favorite titles! The volunteers were friendly and chatty, always ready to suggest something. I didn’t fight with my friends over too many books…. 😉


The WWII section was amazing! It was HUGE! It easily stretched out four times farther than the pic shows!! I saw it and said, “There’s no way we’ll get through all these!” and I was right. 🙂 I got 6 out of my 9 books from that section and can’t wait to read each of them!

Yes… I see the “Foreign Language” sign, and no I’m not learning Portuguese or anything. 😉 They were so pretty though! I was tempted to buy one just for the cover! XD

Since the books were all donated it made it possible for them to be sold at extremely low prices! *Yay!* The most expensive book I got was only $5 and that was a CLASSIC of WWII so…yeah! Most of them were just $3. A book that is usually sold at $15 to $20 for THIS kinda price is fantastic for someone like me who would constantly be broke as long as there were good books around to buy.

A couple times after seeing a super good book for sale I’d get that silly writerly feeling of injustice that the book was donated and abandoned. Then I would be teased and laugh at myself, deciding they were just being re-homed. 🙂


If it hadn’t been for closing time, we could have stayed all night! But we didn’t really want to get arrested or have to leave our books or be locked in….(though might not have minded that last one so much). ;P I can’t imagine how many books I would have bought if we’d been there for even half the day! By the time we were ready to check out, my backpack was so full it nearly pulled my arms off! But at least my wallet was lighter…lol. ;P

I came home with a great stack of books and a big smile. I can hardly wait to dive into all the these books and also make sure I like the ones that I got not knowing a thing about. (Expect reviews!) 😉 I think I’m most excited about The Works Of Hugo and the WWII book Kiss Every Step. And of course Brothers In Battle!


Have you guys read and liked any of these books? What’s on your “To Read” list?
Happy reading and God bless!!




10 thoughts on “Walkin’ In A Reader’s Wonderland!

  1. *gasps at the mountains of books* *faints at the gorgeous covers and mile-wide spines* *revives to the taste of the words* Basically all to say, “TAKE ME NEXT TIME, MAGS!!!!!!!”

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