Welcome to My Attic Corner!

Hi guys!!

I’m Maggie…Jo…or Mags (a nickname from my friend because it sounds like Max, Book Thief ❤ ). 

First I would like to introduce you to my new blog and how things will work around here. This is my attic corner. It’s where– among other things–  stories, dreams, and words have a chance to breath and live. It’s where I look out the window, dream the dreams of a thousand lifetimes and live the lives of a thousand people through their stories. And I write them down so as to never forget them. This blog is where you will get to read about all my writerly things every Friday!


Writing is absolutely a gigantic part of my life. I love writing just about anything. School assignments, notes, letters, and of course….stories. Everything about stories– I love the epic plots, the settings, the ‘costumes’ and the props, the brainstorming, all the naming, the late night ideas, and just the simple yet powerful words. I even like the feeling of when I write too long and can hardly grip my pencil. Oh, the satisfaction of writer’s cramp! 🙂 Most of all I love the characters. I love their strengths and weaknesses, their quirks and faults, even the way they stand when they’re nervous. I love getting to know them and watching them grow. And I love growing with them as we adventure together!

The two main writing projects I’m working on right now are– one, I recently joined a blog called Noble Novels, and I’ve been loving it! And the other big project was in November when I finished the first draft to my  novel! That was really exciting, and I am sure you will be hearing a lot about it in the future! Now I’m editing and editing! Of course there are always other writing things I stop to do like poems or an occasional song.

Can’t wait to see what is in store here in my attic! Feel free to leave questions and suggestions in the comments below, and be ready for a new post every Friday!
Happy writing and God bless!!


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